COVID 19 UPDATE:  While our kitchens are currently closed during this crisis, we are still scheduling phone appointments for the future.  Currently we are only providing for special needs families at a discounted price.  Please reach out to us if you know someone in need.

Specialty Platters

Fresh Veggie

Fresh Fruit

Dessert (assorted cakes)

Dessert (finger)

Homemade Cookies, Brownies, Sm Pastries

Lox N Bagels

Salad Platter

Sandwich Platters

Meats & Cheese Platters

Meats (choose 3)
Pastrami ,Corned Beef, Turkey, Brisket, Roast Beef,
Salami, Turkey Pastrami, Bologna, Ham

Cheese (choose 2)
American, Swiss, Cheddar, Provolone, Pepper Jack, Muenster

Bread (choose 2)
White, Rye, Pumpernickel

Mini Breads
Mini Bagels (egg)
Mini Rolls
Mini Rye Rolls

Egg, Cinnamon Resins, Veggie, Sesame, Onion, Pumpernickel, Garlic, Poppy,
Salt, Blueberry, Plain, Wheat, Multi Grain